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Welcome to Wairere Boulders


Daylight Hours

On our tranquil farm we offer visitors a chance to explore this magical environment. Walking trails through the bush and Wairere Boulder valley allow visitors to get close to nature and see these amazing rock formations. You can kayak 4km of estuary to the Hokianga Harbour, or stay close and cruise around the boulders. If you wish you can stay overnight in your tent or campervan in this area of outstanding natural beauty.

Last entry to trails 2 hours before sunset

Activities at Wairere Boulders Nature Reserve

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The Wairere Nature Park is a 143ha (353 acres) farm and native bush setting for the many house-sized boulders that give Wairere Boulders its name. These very large basalt (volcanic) boulders are heavily fluted by the special conditions found at Wairere. This geology is globally significant, and according to some experts, unique. While the Boulders are spread throughout the property, many are concentrated in the Wairere river floor.

Well-marked walks of from one to three hours allow you to explore under, over, and around the boulders at your leisure while taking in the beautiful subtropical rainforest and cascading stream setting. While walking, keep an eye out for the endearing Scottish Highland Cattle and ‘black face' sheep in the adjacent paddocks.

The boulders are ideal for ‘bouldering’, with 50 Boulders already mapped by enthusiasts and many more waiting to be discovered. Expect to see boulderers outside of the boulder reserve in the valley.

The stream terminates on the property at an estuary of the Hokianga, providing an idyllic setting for kayaking around the boulders and/or a 5km kayak trip to the Mangungu Mission. Kayaking is tidal, so aim for high tide.

While kayaking you might contemplate that NZ industry began on the property with the very first water powered sawmill in 1826, which supported the thriving Horeke shipbuilding industry just around the corner. Horeke is also the site of NZ’s first hotel and first post office. The nearby Mangungu Mission caretakes NZ’s oldest cemetery and was the site of the largest number of Treaty signings in 1840, confirming the area’s important position during the early pre-Treaty years.

If you want to experience the Wairere Boulders for more than a few hours; or spend time contemplating our ultra-dark night sky; or try a night walk (using red lights) to see the many glow worms or kiwi, we provide a low cost, basic campground with toilets, water, and wifi. Hot showers and a community barn and BBQ are coming soon.

Our aim at Wairere Boulders is to provide a mix of adventure and tranquility in a unique NZ setting. The perfect camping weekend can easily embrace walking / hiking, bouldering, swimming and kayaking. Our near neighbors also provide bikes and shuttles for the Twin Coast Bike Trail.

We look forward to seeing you in our beautiful, quiet corner of New Zealand.

From Magic Rock lookout to the Hokianga Harbour.

View from Magic Rock to Hokianga Harbour

Boulder pool in lush native forest

Swimming hole in the bush
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