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Twin Coast Cycle Trail

The  Twin Coast Cycle Trail - Pou Herenga Tai, runs from the East coast of New Zealand all the way to the West coast and finishes just a couple of kilometers from Wairere Boulders.

Many cyclist extend their journey to include the Wairere Boulders in their itinerary, and we have safe, secure bike parking when you arrive. Alternatively you can organise transport to the Wairere Boulders from the Horeke Hotel. Most of the shuttle services offer packages which can include drop off or pick up at the Wairere Boulders, have a look at Twin Coast Cycle Transport or Top Trail for what’s available.

If you are staying with us in the campsite we can shuttle you to any point on the cycle trail.

The Okaihau-Horeke section of the Twin Coast Cycle Trail, takes you across stunning farmland, meanders next to the river and then across the longest boardwalk in New Zealand. The boardwalk ends in the village of Horeke, where you can rest and enjoy a real fruit ice cream and  then continue your cycle up to the Wairere Boulders. Alternatively, we can collect you in Horeke, if you want to walk the trails and then kayak back to the village or the Mangungu Mission.

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